Goldcar Faro car damages scam in progress?

Goldcar Faro car damages scam in progress?

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Hi all,

WARNING: read carefully as you may learn from my mistake!

Based on very good experiences last year, I opted to hire a car from Goldcar again this year.

At the desk after the usual credit card business and insurance warnings, I was given a form to sign and told that a colleague outside would assist me in checking for car damages and would add these to the form. However before the desk representative handed me the form back, she did something with it behind the counter. Not then realising what this was I went outside with the form she handed back to me. The man outside was very nice and helpful and duly noted even minor scratches, plus 2 big ones on the fenders and damage to a wheel hub.

Seems like normal procedure, BUT: after reviewing the car damages form last night, I realised that I had been given a COPY with signatures (rep signature also) and that all damages noted by the rep outside were ON THIS COPY!!! The original form which they must have at the office SHOWS NO DAMAGES whatsoever, as these damages have not been added to THAT form!

I tried to contact the office at Faro to enquire about this procedure, but they cannot be reached through the phone number printed on the form...

The feeling I get from this now is that I have been set up for a very costly SCAM !

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