Exceptional event! A magical world !!


Exceptional event! A magical world !!

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Imagine that a machine transports you to a dream world, a fantasy world ... The new exceptional event: "World Fairy" opens the doors of this fabulous dream! Become an elf or magician by exploring the Fairy World !! Make a jump into the teleporting machine that will make you discover a magical world made up of 5 universes! Choose the destination you want to explore and let yourself be carried away to a magical world. Once you will arrive in one of the 5 world, you can open a space for free and see if it hides a reward (you can open a free box 1 every 40 minutes when you are in the world) When you open a box, All the other boxes that surround it will give you clues: "?" - means that there is a reward in a neighboring box (it can be in the box marked "?" Or in one of the 8 boxes that surround it) "X" - means that there is no reward in The boxes in the vicinity (under the box marked with an "X" or the 8 surrounding squares) Collect all the hidden rewards and get furniture, magical outfits and sublime hairstyles, and a fabulous background background! Do not forget that you are limited in time when you are in one of the 5 universes (8 hours). After that, you will be brought back and all the boxes you have opened will close. If you ' You have not found all the rewards of the chosen zone, you will be able to return there again.

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